I have been a weekly client of Robin’s since 2005 and it has been a pleasure knowing her. She’s very knowledgeable and does a wonderful job finding the source of pain or discomfort in your body and relieving it. When I’m traveling and unable to see her, my body feels the difference. Now that I have 2 small children, she’s been my back’s savior; I wouldn’t be able to lift them both without her!

C. Murphy, stressed mother of 2 small boys

Robin Rickard has been my massage therapist for many years, during which, from time to time, I have physical issues that required expert therapy.  Robin has always been there to resolve those issues with professional, considerate, knowledgeable and diligent care and attention. Apart from those occasional physical issues, my continuing regular course of massage therapy with Robin has been most beneficial and rewarding.

R. Debs, financial consultant

Robin has been my massage therapist for nearly 4 years.   I enjoy working with her because she builds deep connection with her clients, keeps abreast with developments in the profession of massage therapy and in health science in general.  She is continually caring, provides comfort, motivates and encourages her clients to take care of their own well-being and health.  She also makes me feel good, happy and beautiful!  🙂

Dinty Loyola, licensed baby nurse

Robin is an amazing massage therapist. My experience with her has left me totally rejuvenated and at peace. Her massages leave one spiritually uplifted. She intuitively knows where the problem areas are and how to solve them. Robin doesn’t frame her massages around the time allotted…rather she sees her gift as an opportunity to enhance the lives of others, thus serving her higher purpose. I know this as a fact as her treatments have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks massage therapy as a way to improve their life.

S. Allen, Alvin Ailey dancer & Pilates instructor

I have been seeing Robin for over seven years.  I don’t usually write testimonials but I have to make a huge exception for Enshrine.  I have a fractured hip and live in a tense profession.  Robin has figured out ways to contain and to alleviate the damage from having a defective hip.  She knows and intuits the physics and anatomy of the human body and uses those skills to find trouble areas and make sure they are fixed.    I preface this statement that I am not a “new age” adherent but I have come truly to think of Robin as a healer therapist rather than a massage provider.   Her rule is “don’t do harm” and then builds on that to get incredible results.

M. Ansour, hedge fund CEO

Robin has been my regular massage therapist for several years.  I’m a fit 55-year-old road bike enthusiast who also regularly works with a personal trainer.  I need regular body work to cure minor injuries, address muscle and connective tissues aches and pains, and keep flexible.  Robin is always amazingly intuitive at finding what needs work and working it until it’s right.  She’s helped me win battles with plantar fasciitis, muscle pulls, and psoas tightness.  She also does great deep work on my shoulders, curing the damage from sitting at a computer all day with my shoulders around my ears.  She always extremely professional, communicates well, and really cares.

R. Miles, Attorney and cycling junkie