Robin offers 60, 75 or 90 minute massage sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage is a style of treatment which benefits those clients who have experienced any injuries or surgeries where there may be scar tissue present. Many athletes prefer deep tissue because it helps reduce acid build up and tightness in overworked muscles and tendons. Because this bodywork has a restructuring quality to it organ motility may be affected. Any stress which accumulates in the organs will be relieved via deep tissue massage.

In order to promote and create a deeper sense of wellness for her clients, Robin may call on Meridian Therapy in conjunction with Cranio-sacral techniques or Shiatsu points combined with vigorous deep tissue manipulation. She has cultivated skills that reflect a rich understanding of the multiple energetic expressions of the body. The combination of techniques and the way they are employed depend on what would be most beneficial for the client at that particular time.

Pre-natal Massage at any point during pregnancy is a treat and a necessity. Aside from being the best way to pamper a woman during this special time, massage is ideal for helping her adjust and readjust to her changing body. Some of the common discomforts such as lower back pain and edema are quickly relieved without harm to the mother or baby.

A special pregnancy massage table is available to make a pregnant woman more comfortable. The table has an abdominal sling webbing which allows a woman to lie face down to enjoy a complete massage.